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Liko – Alexander Ostrowitzki


Liko’s path to the world below already started at the age of seven, when he started snorkelling and roamed the beaches of Greece. The fishes and colours he saw in the 80’s nurtured his growing interest for the sea. Finally, this path lead to the master of science in tropical marine ecology in 2006. Already during his studies he was privileged to study entirely different habitats. From Germany his career took him to Spitsbergen in the Norwegian Arctic and all the way over to Peruvian Pacific for data collection. However, his first love, the Mediterranean sea, never lost his appeal, which ultimately lead to the appointment of an underwater cameraman on Rhodes and where he was trained as a divemaster. Being a divemaster and studied marine biologist brought him to his first job in the Maldives as a marine biological dive guide.

Here, he could take more than 4500 photos of which 350 were published in his first book: „Diving in the Maldives – Huvadhoo, the forgotten Atoll“. In 2011 he took the instructor course and thereafter worked on Cyprus and again in the Maldives. Since the end of 2016 you can find him on Curacao in the southern Carribean.

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Lena Jenal


Lena took the meditative experience of weightlessness under water. Ever since, the freedom and silence in the sea keep on to amaze her every day anew. Diving as the perfect combination of water and sport, is Lena’s passion that she uses to train good and safe divers. It is part of her personal philosophy to not only show them the beauty of the underwater world, but to make them aware of their privileged position in nature.

As a studied historian (M.A.) she’s got a special interest in wrecks. During her time as a dive instructor on Cyprus 2012/13, she studied the MS Zenobia that sank off the coast of Larnaka in 1980. The talks she delivered about the wreck were always well attended and perceived.

She wrote for Life’n Dive from 2014 to 2016 and now has her own project:

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Marc Apfelbaum

Webdesigner & Developer

Marc’s part in the development of Life’n Dive foremost lays in the digital world. In his function as web designer he realises the technical challenges of this young project. As a studying coder and skilled WordPress designer there couldn’t be any one better for the future of Life’n Dive.

The future development of this website is in his hands.