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Then let us take you on a small tour around our website, tell you what Life&Dive is, who we are and what we do!

What is Life&Dive?


Life&Dive is a project on the interface between dive operations, tourism and marine conservation. We aim to create a realistic win-win situation for all involved partners: healthy oceans, happy divers and profitable tourism.

On Life&Dive we share our Passion for the Sea.
Our texts are all about dive sites, travels, education, equipment and of course marine biology.

Furthermore, Life&Dive offers the world-wide first information board for dive instructors. Providing information about local salaries, lifestyles, conservation efforts and much more.

Is Life&Dive for you?
Yes, if you simply cannot get enough of the sea.
Yes, if you are a dive, snorkeller, divemaster, marine biologist or dive instructor.
And certainly yes, if you want to contribute to marine conservation!

Diving in the Maldives – Huvadhoo the forgotten Atoll

The first and thus far only dive travel guide about the largest atoll of the Maldives, Huvadhoo.

30 dive site descriptions, including maps

350 pictures

Fish and marine invertebrate ID-guide

Who is behind Life&Dive?

Liko// marine biologist// dive instructor// underwater videographer// author// creative maniac// do-gooder// individualist

Lena// historian// dive instructor// bloggeress// yogi// eternal seeker and finder// do-gooderess// marine addict

Marc// computer geek// creative head// spin doctor// workaholic// developer// design consultant

Together we put Life&Dive online in January 2014. 

Ever since we already done and achieved.  The year started with the Boot exhibition 2014, and the introduction of the MantaTa laptop bag.
Two months later, we started working in the Maledives. Here we strive to share our ideas with the resort, the dive school and visiting divers.
As such we are regularly a part of the realisation of the World Ocean Days and other environmental events in the resort.
In August, Lena published an article in the Swiss diving magazine NEREUS.
During the last year our blog increased by numerous articles. Especially successful was the row of interviews with diving instructors from all around the world. 
But this is just the start and we still have loads of ideas and plans for the future to keep sharing our passion for the sea with you.

Navigating Life&Dive


Our blog is segmented in four main categories: Team, Biology, Diving and Adventure. Each section is further separated into subcategories, e.g. dive travel in Diving.

Within the Team area you will find news about us, our whereabouts and Life&Dive in general, as well as our thoughts on contemporary issues, e.g., work as a dive instructor, ironic comments, World Ocean Days, Cleaning actions, etc.

In the Biology section you will find everything about our involvement with marine conservation, coral reef restoration, citizen science related work and marine biology in a touristic setting in general.

The Diving section is full of all our Tips&Tricks related to diving, diving equipment and jobs all around the world.
Here you will also find the interviews with dive instructors from all around the world. Below the individual interviews you will find more interviews sorted by continent, to ease your search.

And finally, in the adventure section you will find the reports on all our travels around the world, from diving adventures to the the wide cultural diversity that we encounter and our thoughts about them and everything else in this adventurous world.


Passion for the Sea. 

Inspired by the manta ray’s wing, the MantaTa is a bag like no other. It is custom made in Bremen, Germany, and tailored to your needs. The front pocket can be open on three sides for full access and to have everything in sight.
And the best: 7,77% of each sold MantaTa designed product goes straight to the MantaTrust, a globally operating NGO that protects and researches Mantas.

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