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What is Life&Dive?

Life&Dive creates cooperative marine protection projects between three partners: the diving industry, connected hotels and the sea. For this purpose we bring all involved parties at the same table to find mutual solutions for the benefit of all, because only healthy reefs will continue to attract guests in the future.

Moreover, Life&Dive offers an unique source of information for diving professionals, about working conditions, salaries and the local lifestyle.

The Life&Dive “Logbook”, the blog of the site, deals with topics all around diving, dive sites, equipment, tropical destinations, the life of dive instructors and of course marine protection in tourism.
Simply “Passion for the Sea” in all its facets.

We take special emphasis on articles interesting for diving professionals and their passion for their “office”, the sea. The style is casual and authentic, sometimes funny with a portion of self-mockery.


Readers of Life&Dive are found all around the world – its part of the diver lifestyle. They are between 20 and 45 years old.
We aim to reach out to dive professionals just as much as to holiday divers, because they are all connected by the same love and passion for the sea and the sport of diving.
They are all interested in the best diving spot around the world and what the local infrastructure is like – increasingly also in terms of marine protection.

Wer ist Life&Dive?



The founder and main developer of Life&Dive.
As marine biologist and dive instructor his main interest is the growing field of marine protection in the tourism sector.

As author on Life&Dive you’ll find him behind the biological texts about various marine inhabitants, their protection and the possibilities of combinations between reef protection and tourism. Moreover he is an avid photographer, loves to edit videos and consults his employers in marine biological questions.

He already worked on Rhodes, Cyprus and the Maldives within tourism and in Spitsbergen and Peru for scientific purposes.


Main author of the Life&Dive logbook.
Since she discovered diving for herself, she travels the world down below. During the last years she dived many top destinations as well as unknown places.

Following her love for the sea, she is working in the diving industry for already three years and could call places like Cyprus and the Maldives home.

As a studied historian and specialist in German studies she writes on Life&Dive about her experiences above and below the water line.

Next to the diving blog, she also takes care about the informations board for dive professionals.



The webmaster of Life&Dive.
Der computer guru and technical head behind Life&Dive. Next to the administration of the site, he also takes care of the creative aspects and technical realisation of our online based projects.

From Germany he’s mainly busy to develop unique gadgets for Life&Dive.

Within the team he also acts as the contact person in questions of online trends, design and marketing.

So much more to Sea!

We are always searching for interesting cooperations, partnerships and possibilities to write guest articles on other blogs.
Of course, we also offer consulting all around marine protection with a touristic framework, create presentations and are interested in lasting partnerships with hotels, dive centres, equipment manufacturers, marine NGOs communities with a focus on tourism.
Please send us your enquiry at mail (at)

Cooperations with Life&Dive

We highly value the authenticity of our website. All reports and articles mirror our honest opinion. We adhere to our own conscience and to the Travelbloggers Codex.
We are open for the following cooperations:

Product tests:

We test your product: Diving and travel equipment, smartphone apps, photo and video editing software, accomodation facilities, airlines and diving courses, and we report about it – two links inclusive.
Please contact us via email to mail (at) before you send us anything.


If you share our “Passion for the Sea” and have your own unique ideas about it, we’d be very interested in a long term partnership. We’re generally open for cooperations with musicians, coders, artists, photographers and creative people in general.

Guest articles:

Do you want to publish an article on Life&Dive? Aynthing that fits our topics is welcome. We’ll link back to your blog/website and feature your article on all our social media channels.
Please contact us via email to mail (at) before you send us anything.

Press / blogger journeys:

If our schedule permits, we’d be happy to visit your diving centre. Your advantage: Real-Time marketing on all our social media channels, as well as articles on Life&Dive and possibly even in our newsletter.

Life&Dive in the media

The German magazin “Tauchen” (engl. diving) reported about our MantaTa – your custom-made daily bag that helps global manta protection.

Also the German diving magazin “unterwasser” (engl. underwater) reported about the MantaTa!

The idea of helping the sea with a social project was liked by “Tauchen” so much that they reported about it again.

The Swiss magazine “Nereus” wanted to know what May is like in the Maldives and whether the mantas are already there?

Guest articles:

Lena told Karina from “Zauberhaftes Anderswo” everything about our close relation to the mantas and the rainy season in the Maledives.

How Liko left his birth town Hamburg, studied in the Arctic and ultimately arrived in the Maldives, is a story he tells on Christian’s blog Feel4Nature, in his article “Vom Meeresbiologen zum Tauchlehrer – vom Labor zur Freiheit” (engl. From marine biologist to dive instructor – from lab to freedom)

To work where others spend their holidays and how that works, was told by Lena on Sarah’s blog “Rapunzel will raus” .

You’ll also find us here: