Trump is not a diver

Image adopted from Donkey Hotey (original under cc license)

Donald Trump is not a diver. And ten minutes ago my hands started shaking. Ten minutes ago I read that Donald Trump is the new president of the United States. And another ten minutes later, my hands are still shaking.

Trump is not a diver

Don’t get me wrong, personally I couldn’t care less about this lying hypocrite and demagog. What worries me is the survival of our planet.
Donald Trump is not a diver. Our world is at the brink of ecological suicide and his motivation to avoid it, will be tiny at best, but more likely doesn’t even exist. Donald Trump promised a return to coal and steal. Donald Trump promised an u-turn back into the “good old times” of careless pollution and soaring levels of CO2. Donald Trump denies the fact of climate change. Donald Trump is about to pull the trigger of the gun that points on the temple of our ecological consciousness. Like many others, knowingly or unknowingly, he doesn’t believe in the connection between nature’s survival and our own. If nature dies, we die along.

Believing in climate change

Dear Americans, I plead for your consciousness and power to stand up against the crimes that he will commit. Fill the streets of your cities on the day that he denies to sign the next climate agreement. Such an agreement is not a free choice anymore, unless you want your children and grandchildren to die in an inhospitable world.

Believing in climate change is optional, participation mandatory!

By Unknown

The choice is between death and human survival. Take your choice with your grandchildren in mind! Do not let them grow up in a world where pristine forests and reefs are but a distant memory of the past. We only have this one world and we must live in it sustainably, or perish.

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