Dive Instructor in: Marsa Alam, Egypt

This is a Life&Dive ProDiver interview. These interviews are given to dive instructors from all around the world to provide you with an idea of their lives, job situations and opinions about the diving industry.
The interviews do not intend to insult employers or damage the reputation of their dive centres. They merely try to provide an honest picture about the working conditions in diving destinations all around the world in order to provide young and aspiring professionals with a helpful overview.

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German , English
Number of Dives:
Egypt / Marsa Alam
All Year
Salary Range /US$:
1500-2000 $ per Month
Board / Accommodation?:
included in the staff houses – 3 per Flat
Duty and free time:
6days work -1 day off – 1 month paid holiday after 12 months flights get paid

Medical care situation:
hospital and decompression chamber is 8km away / doctors qualification not an european standard
Visa Runs:
workpermit by the employer
Government administrative duties:
pretty remote in an small city which is more like an marina for the safari boats

Type of operation:
Divecenter (ITC Center)
Size of operation:
The biggest SSI Divecenter in Egypt
Location of operation:
Located in a Bay with 5 hotels around
Job characteristics and/or special duties:
Main courses trained:
Range from DSD / TryScuba to Divemaster – PADI and SSI. In low season also guidings.
Mode of Operation:
You can dive here in 5 different ways : house reef , zodiac , speedboat , bus and boat.
average # dives per day:


Your opinion:

I really like the work here in Egypt. It is some kind of strange that I worked in naturally more beautyful places in the world like Maledives and Thailand.

Well I started diving in 2003 here in Egypt but in Hurghada. And I didn’t made it through my first course because of the clearing the mask skills. I returned exactly one year later and I finally did it …

Around 8 years later I started to do the professional range of diving also there in Hurghada and did afterwards I signed in as an IDC.

So I worked here one year more…

After my journey ended I made a small journey through Maledives (which was too remote for me) and thailand where the lifestyle was awesome but the visa permits are kind of shit.

Then I saw an offer online where I applied and came, after a short stop in good old Germany , to Marsa Alam here in Egypt.

It is a very remote area . Where I’m living there is just a coffee , two supermarkets and that’s it. Well and the marina for the safari boats.

The diving here is awesome and the currents are moderate except the offshore reefs – their it can be like in the maledives.

In our diving center everything gets provided from the trainingplatform on 4,5 and 9m over a obstacle course even a diver puppet is provided for the peak performance buoyancy course.

I never saw something like this in my career before …

So for work you don’t have to care about so much… Except you give your students a 100% standard confirm training from SSI.

For the lifestyle it is a bit different. I’m traveling alone since I started diving. So I don’t have anyone which is very familiar with me just my colleagues. To have a drink here is not like I’m going to the bar and get some beers. We have to order it from a wholesaler for like 2$ a can.

The food is nice and got also provided by the divecenter three times a day and it’s Arabic food. So you have to get used to it. I like it so I don’t have any problems.

All in all the south area is beautiful for diving and the people are friendly . You have to make a compromise for the living standard but this is worth it.

I’m happy and I will stay here minimum 10month more !

Stay safe, take care !



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