Dive Instructor in: Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

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English, Spanish, Portuguese
Number of Dives:
Brazil, Fernando de Noronha
High season support
Salary Range /US$:
Board / Accommodation?:
Duty and free time:
1 day off per week plus half day off on sunday


Type of operation:
Dive centre
Size of operation:
3 boats, 2 operations per day
Location of operation:
Job characteristics and/or special duties:
no additional duties
Main courses trained:
DSDs, OWDs, AOWds, guiding and closing groups
Mode of Operation:
boat dives, 2 dives per day, 3 night dives per week
Average # dives per day:

Medical care situation:
not such a good infra structure, apparently there is a decompression chamber but no one to operate it
Visa Runs:
no need, I’m Brazilian, but you need a license to work on the island, and you need to be already employed before applying for it
Government administrative duties:
living in a house with the rest of the staff, aproximately 14 people in one room. If you want you can rent a house for aproximately U$500, but there aren’t many places available on the island, so even that might be difficult. There are lots of great and expensive restaurants on the island, and some mid-range as well. Not so much of cheap food, especially because the island is over 300km away from the continent, so most of the fresh food which comes by boat arrives just about to rooten. Even get food at the supermarket might be a bit difficult, but you can eventually find some. There are lots of options for nightlife, with a different party every night, which repeat the weeks, with a few variations. Lots of turists all year round. During the summer is also a surf spot, which atracts another sort of turism.


Your opinion:

Though job, lot of phisical work, you have to learn how to throw cilinders from the boat to the pier (which becomes fun eventualy) but also a great dive. Visibility ranges from 15 to 50m… Great variety of sea life, lots of turtles and small sharks, luckily some tiger sharks or even hammerheads.
The island formation is also something apart. The dives are really interesting. The money varies from what you can offer to the company, like languages, drivers license, boat license, etc. And also there is a course comission, that if you are a good salesperson it’s quite easy to convert courses and make around $1.5k extra.
Besides that, the costs are expensive on the island, it’s possible to save some money, but if you like the nightlife, you probably won’t save that much. You can also find the balance between that. The island is beautiful and a great place for live. Also a great place for photographers/videographers, there are 3 companies working on the island and lots of opportunities. It’s quite easy to sell the pictures or videos, the island provides a beautiful scenario, as long as you can use it, you should be great.
Great place also for those interested in learn and get some experience after the IDC, since the work is quite intense, and they need people who are motivated more than so much experienced. The staff is about 12 instructors, no divemasters working. Half of them are there for a long time, the other half keep changing during the seasons.
There are 3 dive centres runing on the island, and it’s not possible to raise more due to goverment restrictions. It’s mandatory to have a employment before getting to the island. Otherwise you have to pay a turist fee of aprox. $20 per day (plus $70 valid for ten days fort he maritime park fee). Most of the staff working on the island are Brazilians or either from south america (Argentina and Chile).

I would recomend it =)

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