Dive Professional in: Brussels, Belgium

This is a Life&Dive ProDiver interview. These interviews are given to dive professionals from all around the world to provide you with an idea of their lives, job situations and opinions about the diving industry.
The interviews do not intend to insult employers or damage the reputation of their dive centres. They merely try to provide an honest picture about the working conditions in diving destinations all around the world in order to provide young and aspiring professionals with a helpful overview.

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Number of Dives:
Belgium and Lanzarote
Contract :
Freelance / High season support
Assistant Instructor, Dive Control Specialist
Salary Range/ US$:
since a few year 0-500+tips
Board / Accommodation?:
Duty & free time :7/7 no day off

Type of operation:
Indoor Dive Centre / Dive Clubs
Size of operation:
Location of operation:
Brussel / Belgium & Lanzarote
Job characteristics and /or special duties:
sale promotion,cooking
Main courses trained: 
dsd,guiding ,courses specialties and OW first step
Mode of Operation:
indoor diving, shore dives, boat dives , trekking
average # dives per day:
3 – 6

Medical care situation:
Brussel very good
Visa Runs:
Government administrative duties:
work permit by the club ,medical statment by the club
own flat + hotel


Own Opinion:

I’m diving since a long time…
first diving was just a hobby, and I had a own business (not in diving industry), in the meantime I was organizing my time to spend my holiday in a diving club somewhere in the world. Then I stopped my business and I decided to live my passion.

But I´m really disappointed now ,with all those new instructors without any experience. They work for free and they don’t have a sence of responsibility , they certify an Open Water Diver in just 3 days !!!
That’s not a good thing. Also most of the  diving clubs don’t respect such staff. If they know that you participated this: “PADI from zero to hero within 3 months….come on?!
Serious, I’ve spend all the summer doing my “Saftey-Diver”…
Because of such unexperienced staff happen more accidents now than before…
I’m a passionated shark diver. That´s why I’m involved in shark protection.

Now I freelance for nemo33, the deepest pool in Brussels/ Belgium.There are many divers, and also a lot multi language instructors. When I do the safety pool in the winter, there are up to 50 divers each hour!
Beside I have my own project “diving for all”, with some friends together we offer free DSDs for those who don’t have the opportunity to try diving. I was surprised to see how those kids change after this first experience in the water. But it´s hard to find pools who participate, because it´s a non profit project.
Next week I´m going to go to Lanzarote, as a dive guide. There I´ll deal with diving clubs and clubs which sold diving trips from Belgium. The next step in my career is going be tour operator for diving trips.
The conditions there will be like everywhere in Spain (400€ + accommodation and beverage + 5% on every gear solded and if i do more than 3 dives à day there is a bonus)

kids courses
dive for all kids

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