Wallpaper Whitetip Reef-Shark

The Whitetip Reef Shark is one of the most commonly observed sharks along the reefs of the Indian ocean. Nevertheless, the shark was assessed to be “Near Threatened” by the IUCN, which is mainly due to illegal finning and its slow reproductive rates of only one to 6 pubs every other year.

Its comparatively slender shape and flat snout makes it the perfect hunter for species seeking shelter and protection in reef crevices. The shape was adopted by BMW for the engine hood design. It can grow up to a maximum of 2,10m.
Just like nurse sharks, they can lay on the sea floor to rest during the day, while most other sharks need to stay on the move to keep their gills oxygenated. Even though the shark can also be seen hunting during the day, its preferred hunting period is the night. At low light conditions its highly developed electronic, olfactory and acoustic senses provide the shark with the crucial edge over its prey, a wide variety of reef fish, octopus, lobsters and crabs.

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