Wallpaper – Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtles (lat. Chelonia mydas) are one of seven marine turtle species roaming the oceans. They got their name from the colour of fat between their shell and inner organs. The fat turns green because of their diet, which mainly consists of sea grass.
In the Maldives they are the second species next to hawksbill turtles (lat. Eretmochelys imbricata). The two can be told apart by a number of attributes. In Green Turtles the rim of their shell is smooth, while hawksbills have a serated rim. Another characteristic difference are the scales between their eyes, while Hawksbills have four, Green Turtles have only 2. And of course the beak of the Hawksbill is much beak like than the rounded snout displayed on the wallpaper.

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