Wallpaper July 2014 – Featherstar

Here they are, brand new wallpapers for your screeny devices for July 2014. Wether mobile or stationary, we’ve got your screen resolution covered. In case you are missing your resolution, please write us a message and let us know.
This month’s wallpaper features a featherstar. The animal is closely related to sea stars, sea urchins and even those clumsy looking sea cucumbers. They share a characteristic spiny skin, as you can also grasp from the group’s name: Echinoderms. “Echinos” is the ancient Greek word for hedgehog, whereas “derma” still means skin also in modern Greek. Opposite to their relatives, Featherstars are actually able to swim by flapping their arms up and down. However, usually they just remain perpendicular to the current while feasting on whatever organic matter happens to drift by.
Now in any case, enjoy every new month with a fresh Life’n Dive wallpaper.

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