Software Review: ProDRENALIN 1.0 – Action video improvement made easy

The surge of video footage that was shot with action cams is increasing at unforeseen rates. Literally, every holiday-maker is running around with a stick in his hand and divers are no exception. Whether on a stick, strapped to the hand or just above their diving mask, there is barely any diving group with not at least one action videographer in their midst.

However, the footage that is kept from these moments often cause eye-cancer and severe cases of vertigo even when we have long left the water. The beautiful impressions of the silently gliding whale shark shook up by the excitement of the moment. What a bummer!

The annoying, blinking red bar before loading a video

24 colour presets to give your video the different feel

But this is the moment where programmes like ProDAD’s ProDRENALIN 1.0 can help out and safe the day. With just one click this nifty little piece of software stabilizes the entire scene, or alternatively only parts of it. But the software does more than just deshaking your shots. You can correct the colours or choose one of 24 predefined looks from a drop-down menu. It also corrects the CMOS sensor’s rolling shutter effect.
And in case you always hated that bend horizon in your shots, or the huge nose of your dive buddy when he looked straight into your cam, well also then ProDRENALIN 1.0 can help. The programme removes the fish-eye effect of a vast range of action cams, ranging from the all famous GoPro, to Panasonic, the orange Rolleis, over Olympus, all the way to the airborn DJI-cams.

But certainly the best in all of this is its simplicity. The programme is truly self-explaining and even though the appearance is not the prettiest, especially a hugely annoying, blinking red bar before to load a video, it does the job after clicking the obvious buttons. Another highly practical feature of ProDRENALIN 1.0 is its speed. Even though I am certainly not using a high end computer, stabilizing and rendering the final file were two jobs quickly accomplished. Certainly a great advantage in our time restricted, modern days.

A vast choice of camera presets to remove the fish-eye effect

The only thing that might actually be missing, would be a tiny editing possibility to arrange the improved footage in a short movie. Such a feature would turn ProDRENALIN 1.0 into a fast, easy to use and highly effective video publishing tool. Such a too would certainly be very welcome with small action companies, such as dive shops, bike rentals and water sport operators that need a quick tool to publish their daily shots on their social media platforms. Without this feature, the footage still needs to be arranged in editing software such as Magix, Adobe’s Premiere Pro or Apple’s Final Cut.

Bottom line:
ProDRENALIN 1.0 does the job and it does it quick and good. I used it for post-production purposes for the music video for Hypetraxx’ “The dark side” and it really saved me loads of work and time with more complicated programmes. Great tool!
Nevertheless, the program could still be improved with the possibility to export the imported clips in a single file (thereby providing basic editing functionality) and a simple title tool. Furthermore, I’d highly appreciate the integration of ReSpeedr v1.0 into ProDrenalin, making the whole software a serious tool for quick and efficient editing with interesting effects in a time restricted working environment.

ProDAD only provided two copies of this software. One for testing purposes and one for advertisement. No other form of remuneration has been received.

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