Diving base owner in: Roses, Spain

This is a Life&Dive ProDiver interview. These interviews are given to dive professionals from all around the world to provide you with an idea of their lives, job situations and opinions about the diving industry.
The interviews do not intend to insult employers or damage the reputation of their dive centres. They merely try to provide an honest picture about the working conditions in diving destinations all around the world in order to provide young and aspiring professionals with a helpful overview.

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german, english, french, spain
Number of Dives:
> 2000
Spain, Costa Brava, Roses, Mediterrean Sea
Salary Range US/$:
0 – 2000
Fullboard, Accommodation included
Duty and free time:
from March to November no day off

Type of operation:
Dive Centre
Size of operation:
Location of operation:
independent, own building
Job characteristics and/or special duties:
Staff meeting every morning, cooking, shopping, accommodation arrangements for
guests, guest transfer, daily organizing, all kind of work around a dive center
Main courses trained:
all courses up to Instructor Trainer
Mode of operation:
Shore dives, boat dives, daytrips, nightdives, sightseeing trips
Average # dives per day:

Medical care:
regulated by government, professional divers health care obligat
Visa Runs:
permission from catalan generalidad and Spanish government
Administrativ duties:
Instructor permission, yearly health checkup
Living in a touristic smelling city, nice in the summertime, relaxed in wintertime
Everykind of activities possible (sports, culture, sightseeing, family)


My opinion:

A very amazing job for hard working people. It is  living a dream. We’re living our dream now for 5 years and we won’t miss a second.
We get a lot of satisfaction, to guide,to train or to assist divers, or those how want to become divers. All our dives are conducted with a big boot. So we can case and prepare the equipment on boot. This is very relaxing for the divers, and the way to walk fullequiped is about 1-2 meters to the ladder.
We enjoy what we do, and we’re very satisfied with this.

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