Dive Instructor in: Nassau, Bahamas

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The interviews do not intend to insult employers or damage the reputation of their dive centres. They merely try to provide an honest picture about the working conditions in diving destinations all around the world in order to provide young and aspiring professionals with a helpful overview.

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Charlotte Faulkner
Number of Dives:
3000 + 
all year contract
senior instructor- IDC staff 
Salary Range / US$:
1600 per month plus tips
Board / Accommodation?:
rent 800 per month for one bedroom apartment – staff house provided for first month then you must find own accommodation. Lunch is provided 
Duty and free time:
8-5 everyday, 2 days off a week when possible – 1-2 weeks paid vacation – 1 week sick pay

Type of operation:
dive centre 
Size of the operation:
large dive centre and famous operation 
Location of operation:
Nassau – independent
Job Characteristics and/or special duties:
Main courses trained:
guiding, snorkeling, Snuba, dsd, all PADI courses from open water to assistant instructor, shark dives, shark feeding, shark feeder training,
Mode of Operation:
all boat dives
average # dives per day:
4 per day average

Medical care situation:
none provided- DaN insurance is a must as your dive number is high  – standard of medical care low but hyperbaric centre is close
Visa Runs:
work permit provided at initial cost of 1000 to the instructor- then company provides
Administrative duties:
6 monthly medical and police check
live in my own apartment about a 10 minute walk from The shop.


Your opinion:

Great job if you are a person not needing material possessions or a high salary! If you love the ocean and you find a passion in teaching


  • Chaz says:

    So I’m 26 years old and just became a certified instructor, where would one such as myself try and focus on applying. I have zero attachments holding me back from traveling any distance. I currently live in Los Angeles, but still having a hard time finding any sort of employment from a shop or resort. I’m a Nitrox certified instructor as well, I want to find a life in the blue waters of the caribbean. Is there any recommendation you can give?

    • Liko says:

      Hi Chaz,

      there are a number of things you can do. Probably the easiest thing is to visit the industry’s job-boards, which you have access to as an active instructor. Both of the big companies have lively boards with loads of opportunities. I just had a look and immediately found a job suitable for you in Puerto Rico, and they even only accept American citizens.

      If that doesn’t work, I’d try to send out emails to all dive centers that you’d like to work for. It can always be the same text, just exchange the name in the top. Please do us all a favour and don’t sell yourself under value. Maybe you’re unexperienced, but you are a trained instructor and thus deserve a normal salary. “Newly certified” instructor internships are a disgrace to the industry and only tell stories about the greed of the DC’s onwer. Hands off!

      Of course I don’t know, but just as a piece of advise for your future in diving, try to learn another language. For your area Dutch is probably the most interesting one. Spnish could be good too, but financially it’s probably not that interesting. German is always a great choice, but of course hard to learn. French… is a difficult choice, as the French tropical islands always also require the French instructor certificate, which is completly useless. Obviously the best choice moneywise are Chinease and Russian. If you speak Chinease you will have difficulties choosing the best job offer.

      Well, I hope that helped a bit. All the best and stay tuned,

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