Dive Instructor in: Comino, Gozo

This is a Life&Dive ProDiver interview. These interviews are given to dive instructors from all around the world to provide you with an idea of their lives, job situations and opinions about the diving industry.
The interviews do not intend to insult employers or damage the reputation of their dive centres. They merely try to provide an honest picture about the working conditions in diving destinations all around the world in order to provide young and aspiring professionals with a helpful overview.

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french, english, italian and basic spanish
Number of Dives:
Malta – Gozo – Comino
high season
Salary Range /US$:
Board / Accommodation?:
Duty and free time:
6 days/week, no holidays

Type of operation:
Dive centre
Size of operation:
Location of operation:
independent but within resorts facilities
Job characteristics and / or special duties:
pool shows twice a week
Main courses trained:
all courses from DSD up DM + guiding
Mode of Operation:
mainly shore diving  involving driving a car, and occasionaly boat diving
average # dives per day:

Medical care situation:
good if you have a personal insurance
Visa Runs:
none if you are from an EU country
Administrative duties:
medical check organised by employer, otherwise none really apart from the usual students and customers papers and documents
rented flat on a shared basis which is nice but for a mid 30s like me, is a bit too much. I guess my standards have changed… 😉


Your opinion:

You can find everything you need food & drink wise. The islands are big enough to escape from the dive centre atmosphere, and old enough to provide other points of interest like historical buildings, museum, etc.

You have all the facilities you can find in our western countries and can really enjoy a good night life as well as some day life on your days off (if you manage to get out of bed)

You have many air companies coming to this island for quite cheap and cost of life is as well quite low. Therefore your wage should be enough to live during the high season but dont expect making any savings… tough you have very nice wreck dives and make a lot of experience courses wise, money is low and not really encouraging. The work is hard and includes loads of driving (inluding picking up the clients at the hotel and back), manutention (tanks and gears) and cleaning afterward.

I had very good moments and dives there, and all in all it was a great experience, but unless they decide to put on an effort and raise the wages regards to the works and efforts, and improve the accomodations conditions, i probably won’t go back.

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