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Last week we started our Cyprus series on Instagram.

Because we lived almost two years as diving instructors on the island we know exactly where to go, what to do and where to descent!

The Republic of Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean. In August 1960 Cyprus finally attained independence from the United Kingdom. But only 3 years later an intercommunal violence broke out and Turkey tried to invade Cyprus. The first attack was stopped by the US government. But finally, in 1974, the turkish army invaded the island and occupied its northern shores. Until this day Cyprus is divided into two parts and its struggle for reunification is a perfect example for Modern History.

Apart of its recent history, Cyprus boosts a wealth of ancient, natural and cultural attractions. Legend tells us about Aphrodites birthplace, her therms and pagan customs that can still be found in the dusty heat of the island. But Cyprus must also not be limited to its golden beaches and its ancient history. The natural beauty features stunning sights from atop of Troodos Mountains, until the stormy cliffs of Cape Greko. Yet again the cultural heritage ranges from a military closed Ghost City, to the pristine village of Omodos until the religious rivalry between churches and mosques.  

Last but not least: Diving on Cyprus has to offer quite a number of unique dive sites. First and foremost the wreck of Zenobia. The ferry sank in 1980 and ever since has attracted millions of divers. Next to a number of other wrecks, e.g. HMS Alex….. and ……….., Cape Greko constitutes a great example for mediterranean diving with caves and impressive rock formations. Unfortunately  the fish life has suffered from overfishing on the Greek side. The Turkish side however, excels with an abundance of large groupers, barracudas and colorful sponges.  

We hope you enjoyed our first instaguide through Cyprus! If you want to see the whole series follow us on instagram! (Lifendive)

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