The treats of life as a dive instructor

Life as a dive instructor on the Maldives is sometimes hard but mostly great fun

Well sure there might be drawbacks if you work as a dive instructor, but the advantages surpass them by far.
It starts off by usually working in places that other people refer to as paradise, while practising a sport the very same people pay money for. Dig that, you’re even paid for it!
Obviously it is not easy to dive two to three, sometimes four or even five times a day. It is tiring and there are days you will drop dead in your bed snoring so intensely your girlfriend will appreciate the vibrations. But mind the colourful fish, alien creatures of oddest shapes, weightlessness, the ability to freely twist and turn in a three dimensional, limitless space and all just to name but a few.
And then again, there is this jealous type of person that tries to convince you that dive instructor wouldn’t be a proper job. I can only smile at them and feel pity for the reasoning. What is wrong about to be challenged in your job every single day?! What is wrong about not being bored by the screen in front of your eyes that actually contains fish instead of letters displaying an empty meaning?!
As a dive instructor you bear the responsibility for the life, health and well being of your students – which might be a reason for the respect most people have for this job. And it’s even paid quite nicely. However, the smiles at the end of the course are your actual salary, their pride when you hand over that certificate is simply priceless.

But this is just the essence. You must never forget about the numerous benefits on the side:
One of the best is the beach right in front of your dive centre and the sea behind it, its smell of freedom and limitlessness. Waiting for you every day to reveal its secrets anew. But hey, we ain’t doing this job only for its poetic appeal alone. As a dive instructor, you usually enjoy a very high social standing in daily life. And when people look up to you, the rest often comes by itself.
Especially for the male instructors – sorry girls, I really don’t mean to hurt you, but it’s simply true – this brings along a multitude of advantages. Getting laid easily, only being the most obvious of them. But remember all the parties in these paradise settings I’m trying to describe and the people you meet: local barmen, waiters, DJs, doormen, trainers for all sorts of other water related sports and so on. Now guess what they do to dive with you? Suddenly you find yourself in the coolest clubs, learning kite surfing free of charge or simply enjoying a great meal with free drinks. Anything is possible. It solemnly depends on your character, charm and location alone.
Obviously, many of the above mentioned points hold true for female instructors too, but there is more. Diving tends to calm people down. It takes you into a world of silence where communication is restricted to sign language. More than often you discover how useless words can be but simply point at nature’s beauty. Your buddy will understand. Ultimately, you end up relaxed and resting confidently inside yourself.

Yet another great aspect about the life of a dive instructor is the minimal bureaucracy you’re facing. Pay your membership fee, your insurance, a visit to your doctor and apart of occasional visa issues your pretty much done with it. Talking about money, more than often you can save almost your entire salary because bord and accommodation are often free of charge. Once you leave for holidays, you are a rich man… well that is, if you’re not drinking up your salary of course.
And think about it, you are paid to dive in places your guests save up their entire salary to visit for two weeks. This is nothing but an extreme privilege. A privilege that binds us by honour to respect this paradise and do everything in our powers to protect and safeguard its future prosperity. Or putting it in another way: the world is roughly covered by 71% sea and only 29% land. One percent of these 71% is accessible to divers, which means nothing less than opening up the thirtieth part of our world to be discovered by you! No need to travel space to venture new frontiers.

But hey, I must be honest with you. The life of a professional diver is not always fun. On your free days, you will be bored because you don’t know what to do other than gassing of your excess nitrogen. Most likely you’ll end up in your favourite bar, sipping an ice cold beer being bored even more. Life can be hard.
Even worse you’ll feel darn freakin’ cold once you return home for holidays, winter will have turned into a strange and distant concept. Weird at best, but surely annoying by its mere idea: Gosh, it’s cold. Who came up with that?!! And by the way, what is this white stuff laying over there?

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