the diverse world of diving

Underwater music video production

Filming, especially underwater, requires excellent organisation and therefore preparation. This is even truer if you want your video to be more than just a...

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marine biology in tourism

Green Fins in Baa Atoll, Maldives

Today, Reethi Beach Resort and SeaExplorer Dive Centre joined the Green Fins network and their efforts to promote sustainable diving practices. They are the...


adventures in the marine realm

Helen Reef


Helen Reef is a single atoll in the middle of nowhere. The ring of corals in the western Pacific is roughly 27km long and…

Life on a Boat


When poeple think about life on a sailing boat, their first question is usually: “What do you do all day?” Lacking an answer, most…

The Ghost Schools of Ayu Island


The next day we visited the tropical island of Ayu. What people were awaiting us? Fishermen, cannibals, ghosts even? Anything seemed possible.